Strapi comes with a convenient command-line tool to quickly get your application scaffolded and running.


$ strapi login

Ask your Strapi Studio credentials to link your new applications on your machine to the Strapi Studio aiming to have a perfect workflow while you build APIs.

Go to the Strapi Studio to start the experience.

Create a new project

$ strapi new <appName>

Create a new Strapi project in a directory called appName.

$ strapi new is really just a special generator which runs strapi-generate-new. In other words, running $ strapi new <appName> is an alias for running $ strapi generate new <appName>, and like any Strapi generator, the actual generator module which gets run can be overridden.

Start the server

$ cd <appName>
$ strapi start

Run the Strapi application in the current directory. If ./node_modules/strapi exists, it will be used instead of the globally installed module Strapi.

Access the console

$ cd <appName>
$ strapi console

Start your Strapi application, and enter the Node.js REPL. This means you can access and use all of your models, services, configuration, and much more. Useful for trying out Waterline queries, quickly managing your data, and checking out your project's runtime configuration.

Note that this command still starts the server, so your routes will be accessible via HTTP and sockets.

Strapi exposes the same global variables in the console as it does in your application code. This is particularly useful in the REPL. By default, you have access to the Strapi application instance, your models as well as Lodash (_) and Socket.IO (io).

Generate an API

$ strapi generate api <apiName>

Generate a complete API with controllers, models and routes.

$ strapi version

Output the current globally installed Strapi version.

$ strapi link

Link an existing application without an appId to the Strapi Studio.

This command can be useful if you were not logged into the Studio or if you didn't have Internet access when you generated your application.


$ strapi logout

If you don't want to be logged in to the Strapi Studio anymore.