This feature requires the Email plugin (installed by default).

Thanks to the plugin Email, you can send email on your server or externals providers such as Sendgrid.


await strapi.plugins['email']{
  to: '',
  from: '',
  replyTo: '',
  subject: 'Use strapi email provider successfully',
  text: 'Hello world!',
  html: 'Hello world!'

Install providers

By default Strapi provides a local email system. You might want to send email with a third party.

You can check all the available providers developed by the community on - Providers list

To install a new provider run:

$ npm install strapi-provider-email-sendgrid@alpha --save

If the provider is not in the mono repo, you probably not need @alpha depending if the creator published it with this tag or not.

Then, visit /admin/plugins/email/configurations/development on your web browser and configure the provider.

Create providers

If you want to create your own, make sure the name starts with strapi-provider-email- (duplicating an existing one will be easier to create), modify the auth config object and customize the send functions.