#1 - Configure

Update the production settings with the IP and domain name where the project will be running.

Path — ./config/environments/production/server.json.

  "host": "", // IP or domain
  "port": 1337,
  "autoReload": {
    "enabled": false
  "admin": {
    "path": "/dashboard" // We highly recommend to change the default `/admin` path for security reasons.

In case your database is not running on the same server, make sure that the environment of your production database (./config/environments/production/database.json) is set properly.

⚠️ If you changed the path to access to the administration, the step #2 is required.

#2 - Setup (optional)

Run this following command to install the dependencies and build the project with your custom configurations.

cd /path/to/the/project
npm run setup

To display the build logs use the --debug option npm run setup --debug.

#3 - Launch the server

Run the server with the production settings.

NODE_ENV=production npm start


We highly recommend to use pm2 to manage your process.

Advanced configurations

If you want to host the administration on another server than the API, please take a look at this dedicated section.