# Migration guide from alpha.14 to alpha.14.1

Here are the major changes:

  • Improve developer experience (Open browser, update documentation)
  • Fix auto reload

Useful links:


Feel free to join us on Slack (opens new window) and ask questions about the migration process.

# Getting started

Install Strapi alpha.14.1 globally on your computer. To do so run npm install strapi@3.0.0-alpha.14.1.1 -g.

When it's done, generate a new empty project strapi new myNewProject (don't pay attention to the database configuration).

# Update node modules

Update the Strapi's dependencies version (move Strapi's dependencies to 3.0.0-alpha.14.1.1 version) of your project.

Run npm install strapi@3.0.0-alpha.14.1.1 --save to update your strapi version.

# Update the Admin


If you performed updates in the Admin, you will have to manually migrate your changes.

Delete your old admin folder and replace it with the new one.

# Update the Plugins


If you did a custom update on one of the plugins, you will have to manually migrate your update.

Copy the fields and relations you had in your /plugins/users-permissions/models/User.settings.json and /plugins/users-permissions/config/jwt.json file in the new one.

Then, delete your old plugins folder and replace it with the new one.

That's all, you have now upgraded to Strapi alpha.14.1.1.