# Migration guide from alpha.9 to alpha.10

Here are the major changes:

  • Add database store config
  • New lib input


Feel free to join us on Slack (opens new window) and ask questions about the migration process.

# Getting started

Install Strapi alpha.10.1 globally on your computer. To do so run npm install strapi@3.0.0-alpha.10.1 -g.

When it's done, generate a new empty project strapi new myNewProject (don't pay attention to the database configuration).

# Configurations

You will have to update just 1 file: package.json

  • Edit the Strapi's dependencies version: (move Strapi's dependencies to 3.0.0-alpha.10.1 version) in package.json file
  "dependencies": {
    "lodash": "4.x.x",
    "strapi": "3.0.0-alpha.10.1",
    "strapi-mongoose": "3.0.0-alpha.10.1"

# Update the Admin

Delete your old admin folder and replace it by the new one.

# Update the Plugins

Copy this file /plugins/users-permissions/config/jwt.json from your old project and paste it in the corresponding one in your new project.

Copy the fields and relations you had in your /plugins/users-permissions/models/User.settings.json and /plugins/users-permissions/config/jwt.json file in the new one.

Then, delete your old plugins folder and replace it by the new one.

# ⚠️ Config in database

To let you update your configurations when your application is deployed on multiple server instances, we have created a data store for settings. So we moved all the users-permissions plugin's configs in database.

You will have to reconfigure all your users-permissions configs from the admin panel. Then delete the advanced.json, email.json and grant.json files from plugins/users-permissions/config folder.

# ⚠️ Data type Number

We fixed how mongoose handles the model's Number type. Previously, mongoose stored Number type as String and now it's Integer. So you will have to update all your documents which have a type Number in its model and replace their String value with a Number one.

That's all, you have now upgraded to Strapi alpha.10.