# Installing using Platform.sh

Platform.sh gives you an easy way to get started and deploy your Strapi application.

You can find the template source code on Platform.sh GitHub for more information.

# Step 1: Create a Platform.sh account

You must have a Platform.sh account before doing these steps.

# Step 2: Create a project

You can use the One-Click button or follow these steps.

Deploy on Platform.sh
  • Click on + Add project button
  • Select Use a template option and click Next
  • Fill your Project name and Region then click Next

Choose Strapi template.

Search for the Strapi template using the search bar.

  • Click on the search bar
  • Fill strapi
  • Select the Strapi template
  • Click Next


After few second a Strapi application will be setup with a PostgreSQL database.

# Step 4: Visit your app

Now to visit your application.

  • Click on Settings
  • Then Domains in the left menu

You will see the Platform.sh domain name that is used for your app.