Administrators Roles Plugin

Restrict your dashboard's sections based on the role.

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Administrators Roles (coming soon)


Restrict your dashboard's sections based on the role

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Your dashboard may need to be used and seen by different members of your team. Therefore, one Administrator could be from the developer or marketing team, your community manager and even your clumsy intern 🤓... With this must have plugin, you can easily set up different access for your employees, preventing them from publishing wrong content, deleting stuff or even crashing your API!

It provides an easy way to set up rights for any action like creating or editing contents (even reading them) and of course, deleting or searching for a content. It works exactly the same with both your project's and plugins' global configurations: creating and deleting credentials; installing (or uninstalling) a plugin. In fact, you have a complete control on what parts and action of your Strapi dashboard a role is allowed to access and see!

👍  A lot of plugins will provide custom settings if this plugin is installed in your project!


•  One-click Integration — Hit the DOWNLOAD button and that's all (folks)!

•  Role-based workflow — Customize your project's dashboard depending on the user's role.

•  Unlimited role creation — Yes you can create as many roles as you want with this plugin!

•  Other features will come in the next versions of the plugin — As always, the integration with other plugins from the ecosystem will be smooth (LIKE WHAT ? Be patient you'll be impressed)!

Here's a small preview of the plugin...