Algolia (coming soon)


Enable blazing fast search for your project

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Algolia's APIs "enable teams to develop unique search and discovery experiences for your customers...🤔" concretely, among its load of features, Algolia improves your user experience by speeding up its query (research) and by providing searching autocompletion. By adding this plugin to your API (in general) you'll offer the best, the fastest and the easiest search experience possible to both your users and administrators!


•  One-click Integration — Hit the DOWNLOAD button and that's all (folks)!

•  Typo Tolerance query (search) — Deliver relevant results, regardless of user errors with robust, out-of-the-box typo tolerance.

•  Query Suggestions — Harness historical search data and click-through rates to suggest the perfect query at every keystroke.

•  Auto-synchronization — Keep your search indexes in sync with your databases.