Database to API Plugin

You have a database, we create your API.

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Database to API (coming soon)


You have a database, we create your API

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Usually, before creating your API you start by defining your models and how they will be linked one to another. In some cases, however, you end up having a huge and complex codebase, your database access and you can't (or you don't want to) figure out the relations between your content-types. Well, if recognise yourself in this situation this plugin is made for you!

By granting Strapi to access your database, this plugin will reverse the process usually taken to create an API, it will scan your database, create your content-types and create the relation between them. It works great for creating your API if you don't have any database relational knowledge (but a database).

⚠️  You might need to make manual changes to your content type settings, especially if your database doesn't have a proper Primary and Foreign key implementation. No worry we'll provide some supports!


•  One-Click-Integration — Set your database's credentials it takes care of the rest!

•  MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB support — It works with these databases 😉

•  GraphQL compatible — As stated it works with GraphQL.