Elastic Search Plugin

Enable blazing fast search for your app.

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Elastic Search (coming soon)


Enable blazing fast search for your app

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"Fast, Incisive Search against Large Volumes of Data" would be the shortest description of what Elastic Search can do. If you dispose of a lot of a data with numerous searchable fields and you're aiming to provide your users with a fast and precise searching system you need this plugin!

With its simple integration, you'll be set up in a second and your user will benefit from the best searching experience possible.


•  One-Click Integration — Hit the DOWNLOAD button and that's all (folks)!

•  Instant Search — When you get results instantly, your relationship with your data changes!

•  Search Auto-Completion — Do we really need to explain what it does?

•  Auto-synchronization — Keep your search indexes in sync with your databases.