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As the project grows, the number of releases is increasing and it can get very frustrating, sometimes difficult to update or migrate your project from one version to another. With this plugin, we got you covered! It extends your current CLI with two new commands (for the moment of course) "migrate" and "update".

The migrate feature takes care of easily migrating your data from one environment to another, the updates one is self-explanatory; it updates your project to the latest available version of Strapi! The migrations scripts are hosted on our servers and fix bugs every time a patch is provided.

Hosting these migrations scripts can become costly for Strapi, here's why we are asking a financial support from our customer for this service.


•  One-click Integration — Update your project to the latest version, install the plugin and you're all set!

•  Migration — Keep your configurations and data between projects and environments (development, production, etc)

•  Update — Automatically update your project in a minute (sometimes you've to make manual tasks though)

•  Coming features — Backup your data on a server (AWS S3, etc).