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Overcome language barriers

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You are aiming towards a worldwide business and you need your contents and (of course your dashboard) to be available in 6,500 languages (roughly the number of spoken languages in the world)? By adding this plugin to your project you'll unlock a whole new set of translation features for your project like translating your content-types' entries, your dashboard including the menu, labels, notifications, in fact, everything that displays a message!

With this plugin, you will be able to effortlessly deploy your product in any country

👍  This plugin will always stay up-to-date with any added message in your dashboard.


•  One-click integration — Hit the DOWNLOAD button and that's all (folks)!

•  Switch Languages — Easily change your dashboard's main language (hit the flag icon).

•  Import/export — Translate your data and import them instantly with the API or through the dashboard.

Here's a preview of the plugin...