KeyMetrics (coming soon)


Google Analytics but for your API

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KeyMetric is a solution that provides metrics not for your business website but for your API, it likes having Google Analytics set up for your back-end. It is the reference in the Node.js ecosystem to monitor your processes effortlessly. By processes we mean that KeyMetrics allows you to monitor CPU and memory usage over time (for instance you can reduce your response time to improve your user experience), also it makes you aware when a process hangs or has been updated.

Other features like the advanced Javascript stack traces enable you to search and destroy bugs. In other words, it's a detailed overview of your API with its built-in feature of custom notifications you can be aware of anything that happens in your API!

With this plugin, your project will run through PM2 (the piece of software behind KeyMetrics) which will be integrated straight into your administration panel!


•  One-Click Integration — Hit the DOWNLOAD button, set your credentials and you're up and running.

•  KeyMetric's Dashboard Integration — Well, visualize the KeyMetric's dashboard directly in your project!

•  PM2 integration — Enjoy the features offered by the process manager PM2.