MailChimp (coming soon)


Send email using MailChimp API

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Mailchimp, "the world's largest marketing automation platform" offers a complete solution for any kind of businesses to find their audience, engage their customers, and build their brands. In other words, it's an easy to use solution to create beautiful and mobile-friendly email templates to keep in touch with your customers, automate your marketing campaign and "put your data to work" to improve your campaigns.

A must use platform to grow your market and engage with your customers!


•  One-click Integration — The only action you need to take is filling up your MailChimp's credentials then, you're all set!

•  Transactional Email — Use Mandrill API (part of MailChimp) to send email to your customer to let him know that his transaction is being processed.

•  MailChimp's Dashboard Visualization — Stop wasting time switching from one dashboard to another, keep your stats in one place 💪

•  Other features will come in the next versions of the plugin — Depending on your feedback and moreover your needs we may add awesome new features to the plugin so you can manage your marketing really fast!