PayPal Plugin

Integrate the PayPal Checkout & Subscriptions API.

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PayPal (coming soon)


Integrate the PayPal Checkout & Subscriptions API

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Paypal is the well-known payment solution with built-in features to help you with creating an online store, managing finances, building a website, and more.

Adding PayPal Checkout to your business API has never been easier. This plugin also uses the official PayPal Checkout API and comes with a dashboard that lets you visualize your accepted payments, invoices, payouts... well all the payment related stuff!


•  One-Click Integration — Hit the DOWNLOAD button set your credentials and you're up and running.

•  PayPal's dashboard — All your PayPal's financial information in one place. Search, Refund and Cancel checkout!

•  PayPal Social Connect — This plugin unlocks the PayPal's social connect feature.

•  Subscription — Enable recurring payments for your business with a trial period & discount.

•  Fully Integrated — Authorize funds in a buyer's account and capture the payment later, set up recurring billing, issue refunds, and so on.