Webhooks Plugin

Send events and connect them with third-parties..

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Webhooks (coming soon)


Send events and connect them with third-parties.

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A webhook is a tool that lets apps transfer informations outside servers and application in real time, it makes possible to trigger non-app actions and pass informations between your marketing platform and other servers. In simpler words, it allows you to send 'notifications' when an event happens.

Webhooks are great to make your marketing more seamless, they are useful to communicate with your customers via your own third-party messaging apps by sending transactional messages to your users within Facebook Messenger, Line or Kik. Many other use cases can be found where you need webhooks for your apps...

This plugin can be configured for this list of events:
- Create a new entry in a content-type
- Update an entry
- Delete an entry
- Delete many entries
- Search an entry
- Server restart
- Server start
- Server returned an error (400, 500)


•  One-click Integration

•  Socket support

•  Dashboard included — You can edit all the URLs through the administration panel

•  History — Analyze the last triggered webhooks and their request status.