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Smoothly integrate third-party solutions such as monitoring, payment, mail, search, along with others to your project.
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  • 🌍  Translation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you didn’t find the answer you were looking for.
  • Do I own the code and can I sell my project to a customer?

    You are the owner of the project you have generated. Strapi is under both the MIT and AGPLv3 licenses. These licenses are open-source licenses which allow you to sell the project you have created to your customer.

  • Is the Premium plan going to evolve?

    We are going to add more features in the future. We are open to feedback to improve the set of features and advantages. We already have ideas dedicated for teams in the pipeline (team workflow, deployment, dedicated support).

  • Can I leave the recurring plan?

    If your project is using paid plugins, you will be able to buy them and leave the recurring plan. Please contact us if needed.

  • How many projects can benefit from the Premium plan features?

    Currently the Premium plan is compatible with an infinite number of projects and we are not limiting the number of users whom are allowed to use the same plan. It is likely to change in the future.

  • Am I going to be stuck during my project development without the Premium plan?

    No, the community edition can be updated as you wish. The Premium plan automates long manual tasks and also prevents from creating bugs when running migrations processes.

  • What's the scope of the support offer?

    As a Premium member, you get access to a complete support offer. It means that it includes technical and functional support on the entire ecosystem (plugins included).