Could you tell us more about the project?

    Awe Inspired is a fine jewelry brand for inspiring women. They have the main e-commerce website, through which they are selling products online. They contacted our agency Smartshore Ability to design and develop a quiz, which would help women to discover their inner and outer goddesses and select jewelry that would be the best fit for them.

    The quiz is mobile-friendly, as 90% of the traffic comes from the mobile. It's also integrated with the Shopify website, analytics and marketing tools, and is easily configurable by the Awe Inspired team.


    What tech stack did you choose?

    Since we are a Strapi partner, we didn't hesitate to choose Strapi as our CMS, as it's easy to customize and it works well with the modern tech stack. We used Vue.js to create a responsive frontend, MySQL as a database, and we hosted everything on Digital Ocean.

    We also integrated an open-source face recognition API in the quiz and connected it to Google Analytics and Klaviyo, a marketing tool.


    How did you build the quiz logic?

    Here’s the flow from the user's perspective: they answer questions, then they can enter their email to discover the results. On the result page, they can see who's their inner and outer goddess and what products are the best fit for them. They can also share the result page on social media.

    quiz results awe inspired

    To build this quiz and to make it easily configurable, we implemented a certain logic in Strapi. We have different content types: questions, answers (each answer related to a question), goddesses (the results that users get), and products (the jewelry sold in the shop).

    Each answer is related to one or several goddesses. This way, depending on the answers the user gives, we can keep a score of points. In the end, the goddess which gets the most points is the inner goddess, and the goddess with the second biggest number of points is the outer goddess.

    We also created a ranking of goddesses per quiz. If the number of points is the same for two or more goddesses, the system will select the one, which is higher in the ranking that we set up.

    Each goddess is connected to their related products: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings. The products are shown on the results page right next to the goddess they are related to. We fetch the product information (images & price) via Shopify API.

    quiz results 1 awe inspired


    Are you able to A/B test different quizzes?

    Yes, we are! We can create multiple quizzes and test which one performs best. Once the users click on the "Start" button, they will get one of the quizzes that we created. We can see all the quiz performance data in Google Analytics and a visualized funnel in Google Data Studio.


    How did you integrate Strapi with Shopify?

    All the information related to products, such as images, name, price, and product ID, is pulled from Shopify via an API. We simply add a product ID from Shopify to Strapi and we don't need to copy-paste any other information. It's very convenient and simple.

    Once users click on a product on the quiz results page, they are directed to the Shopify website, where they can buy the product.


    How did you use the face recognition API?

    Before accessing the results of the quiz, users can upload their photos or take a live one. We will show the result with the aura on the resultpage. quiz aura awe inspired.png We needed a technology that would define the face on the photo and adjust it correctly so that we could draw an aura of certain colors around the face. The colors of the aura depend on the answers to the quiz questions. Just like with goddesses, there's an inner and outer aura, both of different colors. We connected the open-source face recognition API to the quiz. It finds a face on the photo and draws an aura around it, using the colors defined by the answers to the quiz.


    Is the quiz customizable?

    Yes, we configured the quiz in Strapi to let the marketing team independently modify it as they wish. For example, they can change the background color, the ranking of goddesses, the products displayed on the results page, the descriptions of goddesses (which is different depending on whether the goddess is inner or outer). It is also possible to add or remove the question about aura, turn on or off promotions, change the order of questions and modify them.

    One more useful feature is the possibility to exclude a goddess from results if a certain answer to a certain question is given, no matter what score the goddess gets in the end. It gives the Awe Inspired team total control over the quiz logic.


    How did Strapi help to reach your objectives?

    We were able to easily integrate Strapi with the modern tech stack to create a responsive mobile-friendly quiz in less than 3 months. We integrated Strapi with Shopify, Google Analytics, Klavio, Vue.js on the frontend, face recognition API. The marketing team can independently configure and A/B test different quiz versions which lets them quickly improve it.