API creation made simple, secure and fast.

The most advanced open-source Content Management Framework to build powerful API with no effort.

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v3@alpha.12 is available!

We've been working on a major update for Strapi during the past months, rewriting the core framework and the dashboard.

This documentation is only related to Strapi v3@alpha.12 (v1 documentation is still available).

Get Started
Learn how to install Strapi and start developing your API.

Command Line Interface
Get to know our CLI to make features the hacker way!

Get to know more about Strapi and how it works.

Get familiar with Strapi. Discover concrete examples on how to develop the features you need.

Plugin Development
Understand how to develop your own plugin.

API Reference
Learn about Strapi's API, the strapi object that is available in your backend.

Migration guide

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