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Building self-hosted, customizable and performant Content API has never been easier.

Open source

Free and open source, forever. The entire codebase is available on GitHub and is maintained by hundreds of contributors.


Each project requires specific requirements. Easily customize the admin panel as well as the API.

Front-end agnostic

100% JavaScript

One language to rule them all. Use JavaScript everywhere: both for your front-end and your Headless CMS.

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Security is crucial for companies. Host your data safely, on your own servers. GDPR compliant.

Front-end agnostic

RESTful or GraphQL

Consume the API from any client (React, Vue, Angular), mobile apps or even IoT, using REST or GraphQL.

Extensible by design

Plugins system included. Install auth system, content management, custom plugins, and more, in seconds.

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Start getting results in just four commands. Follow the instructions in the following console. Then go to localhost:1337/admin and configure your project.

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