Strapi for the telecomunications industry


Safer environment

"We needed to use a self-hosted solution since it's a precise security requirement from the customer. Intred offers cloud services, so they wanted to host all data on-premise." Palmabit

Deliver content anywhere

"Choosing a headless CMS was a must since we wanted to use one backend for several frontends to be more efficient." Palmabit

Get rid of slow and old processes

"Strapi lets us deliver content not only to two custom frontends but also connect with internal Intred services and virtual connectors." Palmabit

Strapi for telecommunications

    Empower your content team

    "It was important to let our content team easily edit the content on the mobile app. It was not possible before, as a lot of content was stored in the code or configuration files. We needed to wait for nearly two weeks and involve at least three people to make a simple change. Now one person can do it in a couple of minutes." Kyivstar

    Scale your website with our stack

    "Nearly 10 million users access our Strapi-powered products every month. It’s a lot of traffic, but the pages load fast with our stack." Kyivstar

Strapi for media companies

    Our community will help you to grow

    "After several headless CMS tests, we opted for Strapi for its active community and because it's an open-source project." L'équipe

    Go faster with content-types and micro services

    "We have drastically reduced our development time. Now, simple tools dedicated to our Product Owners take only a few days, compared to weeks before. We also avoid multiple deployments, as the former static configurations are now dynamic." L'équipe

Strapi for the gaming industry

    Make complex websites with ease

    "We quickly learned how to use Strapi and created nicely laid-out, flexible individual blocks in just a couple of hours. We used Vue.js for the project, and it was extremely quick to get the things we created into Strapi. We liked Strapi’s stripped-back simple interface and how easy it is to create different content types." 1minus1

    Give autonomy to content editors

    "We promised the client that they would be able to modify 99% of the content that we put on the website. And we kept that promise: all the text, images, videos, order of blocks, sliders, and directions are configurable, thanks to Strapi. " 1minus1

Considering Strapi for your company?