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Enterprise Edition

A self-hosted edition for your Enterprise Headless CMS use cases.

Built on an open core model, Strapi Enterprise Edition provides features and services required in the Enterprise.

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By making the administrator panel and API easily customizable and extensible through a plug-in system, Strapi enables enterprises of any size to accelerate content delivery while building better omnichannel digital experiences for their users.

Enterprise Features

Unlike the Community Edition (CE) that will include a limited number of roles and locales by default, the Enterprise Edition (EE) will soon include advanced RBAC and content internationalization systems. Additional Enterprise features such as SSO and Audit logs are also on our Enterprise product roadmap.

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Enterprise Support and SLA

Strapi Enterprise Edition includes basic support as part of the license benefits. Customers who are looking for Service Level Agreement and expert guidance on their project architecture, deployment and hosting can also opt-in our premium support.

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Open and Transparent by design

We don’t only encourage contributions in the Community Edition, we also want to join forces with customers or partners who want to contribute to Strapi in exchange for discounts. To save everyone time and build consensus around complex/substantial features, we have created a RFC (Request For Comments) GitHub repository where everyone is welcome to contribute.

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