Why choose Strapi with Next.js?


Higher Security

With Strapi, you have no need for a server-side language and reduce your attack surface area.
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Best developer experience

Your dev team is not tied to a monolithic codebase and can choose their favorite stack to build a microservices architecture.

Infinite scalability

With Strapi and Next.js, you have unlimited usage and can scale as you grow.
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Next.js is simplifying development with a smoother and less cluttered experience.

Daniel Madalitso Phiri
Daniel Madalitso Phiri, Developer Advocate

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    Next.js Corporate Starter

    Bootstrap a simple corporate website using Next.js and Strapi, the headless CMS for Next.js.

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    Next.js Blog Starter

    Get started with a simple blog application using Next.js, Apollo and Strapi.

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    Next.js E-commerce Starter

    Bootstrap a simple e-commerce application using Next.js, Snipcart and Strapi.

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