Editorial sites & blogs

A flexible CMS for your blog or editorial website

Editors can produce new content quickly using components as building blocks. The media library and admin panel roles ensure smooth and efficient publishing processes.

All your media assets in one place

Upload your images, videos, audio files, PDFs, or GIFs to the media library. Easily find the right asset, edit and reuse it.

Tell stories the way you like

Create your component library and use components as the building blocks for new pages. No limits to creativity and flexibility!

More visibility to your content

Deliver your content to as many digital channels as you wish through API. Optimize your SEO settings to be on the top of search engine results. Build an efficient content architecture with categories, tags and related posts using the content-types builder and relations.

Collaborate efficiently

With custom roles, you can give other users access to the CMS and control their permissions to ensure that everybody can work in their direct field of responsibility.

Speak your reader’s language

Create different versions of your platform for different countries. Localize content by translating the text and adapting the messaging & structure of the page to each version. Choose what pages to display on each version of the website.

Enterprise Features

Strapi Enterprise Edition includes advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Single Sign On (SSO) and Enterprise Support. Visit our pricing page for more information about our Enterprise plans.

One CMS, many solutions.

  • 01/04

    Static Websites

    A new way of building ultra fast websites and apps.


  • 02/04

    Mobile Applications

    The headless CMS for blazing fast mobile applications.


  • 03/04

    Brand and Corporate Website

    The CMS to create, manage and expose your brand.


  • 04/04


    Empower retailers to sell everywhere.