Strapi for Financial Service Providers

Security first

Store all of your data on a self-hosted server to meet the security standards.

Any channel, any device

One corporate website is not a limit. With Strapi, you can deliver your content to as many channels as you want.

Deliver faster

Strapi provides developers with ready-made APIs, which lets them get the backend work done faster.

Strapi has turned out to be a great choice so far: technical setup was really quick, and in a few days we were able to have a drafted site up & running, leveraging Strapi main functionalities.

Jérôme Chauveau, DevOps Team Lead

Strapi For Retail Banking

    Build first-class experiences

    Using Headless CMS with Static Site Generator allows you to reach the better performance, providing your clients with best-in-class experience.

    Choose a future-proof stack

    No matter how your needs evolve, Strapi adapts. Fully customizable and open-source, it can be tweaked as you want.

Strapi For Insurance Services

    Scale your traffic, not your costs

    Because your files are served through CDN, when your app gets more requests, the CDN easily compensates for higher traffic.

    Be the first to be found

    Easily create SEO-friendly website URLs using custom fields. Manage the metadata of each page, image and video. Websites built using a headless CMS load faster and perform better, which gives more bonus points to your SEO score.

Strapi For Capital Markets

    Higher security

    Stop worrying about vulnerabilities. With a Headless CMS, you have no need for a server-side language to be executed, thus reducing your attack surface area and the risk of malware code injection.

    Be in control of your data

    Strapi is self-hosted, which gives you the freedom to decide where your data will be stored and what's the cost of it. As a result, you don't risk to be locked in with one solution.

Considering Strapi for your company?