Why choose Strapi with Nuxt.js?


Higher Security

With Strapi, you have no need for a server-side language and reduce your attack surface area.
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Best developer experience

Your dev team is not tied to a monolithic codebase and can choose their favorite stack to build a microservices architecture.

Infinite scalability

With Strapi and Next.js, you have unlimited usage and can scale as you grow.
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Having chosen to develop sites with NuxtJS, I sought an open source, self-hosted, Node-based, GraphQL-compatible back-end to complete my decoupled stack. As far as I know, the only such product in the world is Strapi! So thank goodness the product is smart and keeps improving, the team is on fire, and the community is excited.

Adam Khan
Adam Khan, Developer and designer

Jamstack E-commerce with Nuxt, Strapi and Snipcart

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