A self-hosted, Enterprise Edition that meets your security and compliance requirements.



Free, forever



Open-Source under MIT License

Role Based Access Control

Custom roles and permissions available for free, no limitations, starting from Strapi v4.8. For more information about this change please see the announcement blog post


Powerful Content Management

Infinite Customization Capabilities

Unlimited Usage (Entries, API calls, etc.)

Community Support


Flexible pricing



Everything in Community, plus…

Audit Logs

A detailed audit trail of all activity in the project


Authenticate with Okta, Active Directory, or multiple other SAML 2.0 or OAuth2 providers.

Review workflows (Coming soon)

Technical support with SLAs

Customer Success Manager

Technical onboarding


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an admin user?

A Strapi "admin user" is anyone who has the ability to login to your Strapi admin panel, this is not limited to the role of the user and these limits do not apply to non-production environments.

Developers in staging or development environments, automation accounts and "end-users" are not considered admin users.

Learn more about Strapi Admin users.

Is there a minimum number of admin users for the different Enterprise Edition plans?

The Bronze and Silver plan require a minimum of 5 admin users, and the Gold plan requires a minimum of 10 admin users.

Where can I find the Enterprise License Terms?

You can find our general Enterprise License Terms here. However, please note that depending on our license level and agreement; your terms may be slightly different. Learn more about Strapi Enterprise License terms.

Can I purchase a license monthly, quarterly, or for lifetime?

With our Enterprise Edition licensing, we offer annual payments for 1 year by default on all license plans. Learn more about Strapi Enterprise Payment terms.

How is the enterprise version distributed?

The Enterprise Edition is an extension of the Community Edition. So no need to start from scratch, the upgrade process is seamless. Once you have completed your purchase, we will provide you with a dedicated license key and an installation guide to unlock the extra features that are part of the Enterprise Edition (RBAC, SSO, etc).

How do I deploy my Strapi project ?

Strapi is self-hosted. It's up to you to decide where to deploy and host your Strapi project. We have a list of deployment guides for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Google App Engine and Heroku. You can also use our 1-click deploy buttons and Docker installation.

What's the definition of a project?

A Strapi "project" is defined as a single Strapi application that contains a single "model structure" and the same model logic; but can be deployed in such a way as to handle large amounts of traffic.

Please find more information here.

Who are the companies using Strapi in production?

Thousands of companies such as Delivery Hero, Societe Generale and IBM are using Strapi in production today. Check out our showcase to see more examples.

Who is behind Strapi?

Strapi is actively sponsored and maintained by Strapi, Inc the company behind the Strapi open-source project. Visit the company page to learn more about the company and the team.

How long does it take to learn how to use Strapi ?

It usually takes developers less than 5 minutes to get up and running with Strapi. It will then take a few hours to get familiar with the source code, admin panel, and more advanced concepts to customize or integrate Strapi with other tools. You're not alone though, Strapi has an engaged and welcoming community that writes tutorials and helps each other out.

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