Static Websites

Websites that load faster and perform better

Let your users browse website content instead of waiting while the page loads. Optimize SEO to the fullest to be on the top of search results. Deliver your website faster with Strapi templates and ready-made API.

What is a static site?

Better Performance

You can now generate pages at deployment time and serve them over a CDN. With headless CMS and a Static Site Generator, only the most relevant parts of the stack are ever running when a user makes a request, speeding the whole process by reducing the number of steps.

Higher Security

Stop worrying about vulnerabilities. With a Headless CMS, you have no need for a server-side language to be executed, thus reducing your attack surface area and the risk of malware code injection.

Scale your traffic, not your costs

Because your files are served through CDN, when your app gets more requests, the CDN easily compensates for higher traffic.

Happier Engineering Team

Your dev team is not tied to a monolithic structure and can use any expert microservices. No more need to maintain several stacks for several usage, all content is centralized.

Thanks to the folks at Strapi who made the easiest tool to build database and data relationships. Building data without fightin’ with weird SQL command is dope. Great work!

James F. DonaldSoftware Engineer

Independent marketing team

Marketers and content editors are able to not only modify the existing pages but also autonomously build new pages using components.

Enterprise Features

Strapi Enterprise Edition includes advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Single Sign On (SSO) and Enterprise Support. Visit our pricing page for more information about our Enterprise plans.

One CMS, many solutions

  • 01/04

    Mobile Applications

    The headless CMS for blazing-fast mobile applications.


  • 02/04

    Brand and Corporate Websites

    The CMS to create, manage and expose your brand.


  • 03/04

    Editorial Sites

    All your content centralized in one place.


  • 04/04


    Empower retailers to sell everywhere.