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Mobile Applications

The headless CMS for blazing fast mobile applications.

Easily update the content of your app without bothering your developers.

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Quickly deliver your responsive content to all your mobile digital experiences using a single content backend.

What is a mobile CMS?

A mobile Content Management System is a centralized content center that is used to manage content for multiple platforms and for multiple devices from a single place.

Mobile-ready, API-first CMS

Strapi delivers content through a RESTful or GraphQL API. Instantly manage your content on as many applications and devices as you need.

RESTful or GraphQL to Mobile

Cross-platform made easy

Avoid content silos, by managing content from a single source of truth for every application and platforms. Get all your applications to market faster and give autonomy to both your developers and your content editors.


One CMS, many solutions

  • Icon Static Websites

    Static Websites

    A new way of building ultra fast websites and apps.


  • Icon Corporate Websites

    Brand Website

    The CMS to create, manage and expose your brand.


  • Icon Editorial

    Editorial Sites

    All your content centralized in one place.


  • Icon Ecommerce


    Empower retailers to sell everywhere.