Strapi for content teams

Your CMS slows you down


We feel you.

No more dependency on the dev team

Ship content faster


How does it work?

Define components

Your design and development team sets up the component library for your project

Build a page

You choose any components you wish to build the pages of your websites or apps

Add content

Add content to the components and modify the layout at any time, as you wish

What features does Strapi have?

Convenient editor

Adding content to Strapi is clear and intuitive, you'll become a pro user in 2 minutes.

Component library

Use and reuse components to build custom pages from scratch. Learn more

Roles and permissions

Share access to the CMS with other team members and control what content they can read, edit, update or delete. Learn more

Media files support

Images, videos, audio files, documents - everything is stored in the media library. Learn more

Multilingual support

Create different versions of your websites or apps in different languages. Learn more


Use Strapi as a single-source-of-truth for all of your websites, apps, or IoT projects.

It's that simple. Have a look

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CMS for the whole team

  • 01/02

    For developers

    Get customizable API without writing a single line of code. Connect Strapi to your favorite tech stack and extend it as you wish.

    Learn more

  • 02/02

    For business teams

    Ship projects 3 times faster than with traditional CMS. Be in control of your data and security. Choose a future-proof stack for your project.

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