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REST and GraphQL API

Get API ready without writing a single line of code, extend them through files at any time. Learn more

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Create multilingual projects with unlimited locales. Learn more

Media Library

Keeps all your images, video, audio and documents in one place. Learn more

Roles and permissions

Manage the permissions of admin panel users with 3 default roles. Learn more

Single and Collection types

Build the content architecture at ease, use components to speed up content creation. Learn more


Connect your Strapi app with other applications. Learn more

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  • 4x fasterto deliver a project @Pixeldust
  • 2.2 secpage load speed @Toyota & Erlkoenig
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    For content teams

    Create, update and publish content at any time, without asking the tech team for help.

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    For business teams

    Ship projects 3 times faster than with traditional CMS. Be in control of your data and security. Choose a future-proof stack for your project.

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