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The next generation framework for Node.js.

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Open-source framework

Strapi is an open-source Node.js framework built on top of Koa for building applications.

Open-source built-in features

We give you some built-in but not mandatory features aiming to not repeat yourself.

Studio as a Service

The Studio is dedicated to build applications without writing any single line of code.

Did someone say powerful?

Elegant realtime applications for everyone.

  • 100% JavaScript

    Building on top of Strapi means your app is fully written in JavaScript, the language you and your team are already using for front-end issues. Strapi is based on top of Koa, a next generation framework for Node.js.

  • Datastore agnostic

    Strapi comes installed with a powerful ORM/ODM that provides an abstraction layer allowing you to manipulate your data without writing vendor-specific integration code. You can easily connect SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, etc.

  • Auto-generate REST APIs

    Strapi comes with blueprints that let you create, read, update and delete your data. You also can paginate, sort and filter your results in a matter of seconds with simple but yet specific parameters.

  • GraphQL support

    Strapi fully supports the GraphQL specification. Simply manage your data and filter your results anywhere in your application with a single and powerful query.

  • Front-end agnostic

    Strapi can be used by any front-end strategy such as Angular.js, Backbone.js, React.js, Ember.js, etc. Thanks to the auto generated APIs you can even spread access to any kind of third parties such as developers, customers or partners.

  • Security

    We take security very seriously. This is why Strapi comes with several security layers that just work depending on your needs and ships reusable security policies.

  • Users, groups and permissions

    Manage user settings, login, registration, groups and permissions on the fly. Strapi delivers all those essential features out-of-the-box.

Getting started