A fully managed platform to boost your team velocity

The most flexible Headless CMS

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  • ~50%faster release cycle
  • 99.998%uptime

Meet the best way to bring your Strapi project to life.


Quick and easy deployment

A fully managed hosting platform that allows you to deploy your Strapi applications in a matter of minutes.

Storage and Bandwidth

Generous usage limits

Monitor your CMS entries, API requests, Asset storage and bandwidth in real time.


Real Time Logs

Check how your deploments are going in real-time inside the Build and Deploy log tabs. Once a deployment is done, you can access the runtime logs, where what happens with your app is also reflected in real-time. 

Custom domains

Easily Manage Custom Domains

Configure the CNAME DNS record on the Cloud Settings page, and your application will be accessible through your custom domain, instantly.

Strapi Cloud is finally here!

All “batteries” included but swappable. No lock in


Email Provider by default

All Strapi Cloud apps get an email provider setup by default to streamline the creation of programmatic emails. However, you’re still able to set a custom one, using the environment variables.



A fast, scalable and reliable CDN is provided to host and cache your assets (images, videos, files) and make them accessible on the Internet


Built-in Postgres database

Strapi Cloud provides a managed database that is optimized for Strapi. While it's possible to configure Strapi Cloud to utilize an external SQL database, it may result in unexpected behavior and/or performance issues.


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