Bash powers multi-channel e-commerce with Strapi to go live in 7 months

  • 7 Monthsto go live!
  • 10+ Websitesand 2 apps unified!
  • One Platform18 Stores, 8 Departments

“In an attempt to migrate 10+ brand websites and 2 mobile apps into a single consolidated platform,, it was necessary to provide each brand with a first class experience to manage its store presence on Bash within 7 months. Strapi allowed us to move quickly with little engineering effort. Without it we would have missed our deadline.”

Shaheen Karodia, Engineering Team Lead, Bash

Multi-channel management to build a first class experience for brands to manage store presence

    Flexible content modeling to fit Bash's architecture

      Unify 10+ websites and 2 apps to go live in 7 months

        “After successfully launching Bash we began to understand Strapi’s true potential and this led to greater appetite to drive more content from the system. Since then, we’ve implemented everything from sitemap generation all the way to a custom content approval flow. This is only the beginning of how we plan to leverage Strapi.”

        Shaheen Karodia, Engineering Team Lead, Bash
        Enterprise Edition

        Scale your Strapi project as your team grows.