The fact

As you probably noticed, Strapi development has been much slower than expected during the last few months. We know you have a lot of expectations regarding Strapi v3. But we have some good news for you!


This delay is mainly due to the fact that we decided to make some development missions. Because we were working for customers, we could not work properly on Strapi.

Solid projects

However, because we are developing most of our development projects using it, we did a lot of improvements on Strapi. Also, these projects are going to receive a huge trafic, so you can be reinsured about the fact that Strapi will have been tested in solid production environments. That will also create strong references for Strapi, letting you convince people to use this solution to create APIs based on Node.js.

Full-time on Strapi

As you may expect, this slower period has been very frustrating for us. But, we have a good news for you: we have the pleasure to announce you that we are now back working full-time on Strapi.

According to that, we are introducing you the up-to-date Strapi Roadmap:

Thanks again for your support! We are dedicated to make Strapi V3 one of the easiest, most flexible and powerful solution to build APIs

We are more than ever on the road to Strapi v3 release: Strapi alpha.5 will be published on the 18th of August, and Strapi alpha.6 on the 21st of September. At this point Strapi will have stable framework layer based on Koa 2 and a powerful plugins system, which will allow you to install existing plugins (Settings Manager, Content Type Builder and Content Manager) and develop your own plugins.

In the meantime we are also going to build a brand new website and update the documentation.

The team is growing!

To accelerate our development process and be able to ship the next release quickly, a new developer joined the team a few weeks ago. Cyril will help us to reach our goals thanks to his development skills and marketing knowledges, especially the Settings Manager and the Content Type Builder. Welcome to you Cyril!

Want to be part of the adventure?

A lot of new things are coming, especially the release of Strapi v3. If you want to get the latest news about it, feel free to join us on our public Strapi Slack: we created a dedicated v3 channel.

Also, we made a survey to collect your opinion. Please answer to it, this is really important for the next steps of the project: Strapi v3 survey.

Stay tuned.

Go to Strapi website.

How can I help you? Feel free to submit a PR or open an issue on GitHub. Send us an email at, if you need support or anything else, we will be glad to chat with you. Don’t hesitate to ping us on Slack.

Thanks for reading!

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