Today we are excited to announce the release of Strapi 3.0.0-alpha.24 with brand new features you will like:

Strapi v3@alpha.14

πŸ“š SQLite support

SQLite database support has been highly demanded on the roadmap.
SQLite is a lightweight, easy to setup database with great performances.

When you create a new strapi app:

strapi new strapidvisor  

you will now be prompted with the following choices:

new strapi start

We'll discuss about the Quickstart in a minute, but for the moment let's choose "Custom".
You can now choose to create a SQLite database for your next Strapi app!

new strapi start

And the last manual action needed from you will be to choose your database name:
new strapi start

After that, all is similar to the way you used to create a Strapi app before:

new strapi start

Neat, isn't it?

Thanks to all the contributors who pushed for this feature to be released on the roadmap and to @mnlbox and @DMehaffy for this contribution!

⏩ Quickstart Mode

The Quickstart mode is using SQLite to ease the setup process when creating a Strapi app.
We received a lot of feedback from community members being a bit lost when they had to choose which database to use for their project.

And we hate when Strapi users are lost!

The Quickstart mode allows now a one command line installation of your next Strapi app.
You only need to run the following command line in your terminal:

strapi new strapidvisor --quickstart  

and the magic happens:

new strapi start

The installation is made and the admin panel is loaded automatically in your browser.

So that's you, now:


πŸ‘€ Content Manager Setting View

The Content Manager is probably one of your favorite plugin. Its purpose is to make content edition as easy as possible. But it was a bit too busy.

The previous version of the Setting View was mixing the settings of the List View and of the Edit View.

Good news, with this new version you can only see what is relevant for your needs.

The current version offers tabs to display only settings for the List View and settings for the Edit View.

List view

This tab display the Settings allowing you to enable search, filters or bulk actions, defining the number of entries per page and defining the default sort attribute.

It also shows the Displayed Fields and as usual, you can change the order of the attributes the way you want.

Content Manager settings - list view

Edit view

Same thing in edit view: the relevant informations are displayed for a smoother and better user experience!

Content Manager setting view - Edit view

And last but not least, Strapi is now supporting IN and NOT IN as a filter type: kudos to @sajjad-shirazy, @kamalbennani and @derrickmehaffy for this new feature!

πŸ› Bug fix

As usual, tens of bugs have been fixed and enhancements added. Please take a look at the changelog for more information.

Thank you liroo, NeOMakinG, derrickmehaffy, soupette, tpiros, virginieky, adamsaparudin, jesusprubio, furedal, siffash, jacargentina, abdonrd, aminsource, sajjad-shirazy and others for your contributions!

Give it a try!

Update your Strapi version through a single command line:

$ npm i strapi@alpha -g

Take a look at the Getting Started guide to jump on board.

Migrating to v3@alpha.24

If you are already building an API using Strapi, we recommend you to to migrate to this version. Don't worry, a fully detailed migration guide is available.

What's next?

Many improvements are coming, especially video tutorials and documentation enhancements. Stay tuned on Twitter!

Oh, by the way, we are still hiring!

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