Today we are excited to announce the release of Strapi 3.0.0-alpha.25.

We focused on user onboarding on top on usual bug fixes on this release:

Strapi v3@alpha.14

๐Ÿ“น Onboarding Videos

We received feedbacks saying that once you were logged into the Strapi administration panel for the first time, you had difficulties finding how to get started.

This is why we decided to include a help box in the bottom right corner of your admin panel, with 3 videos helping you to get started:

  • Create your first content-type
  • Fill your content with data
  • Fetch data through the API

Strapi v3@alpha.14 Strapi v3@alpha.14

This will guide you through the first steps to get going with Strapi and be able to customize it the way you want.

๐Ÿ“š Documentation

Good documentation is accessible, easy to use, accurate, and applicable to readers.

The feedbacks we received were of many types: some thought it was good and some said it could definitely be improved. So we started to rethink our Getting Started page by splitting it for our two types of users: beginners and intermediate to advanced users.

Quick Start

The Quick Start Guide is aimed for intermediate to advanced developers needing to get onboard quickly. By following these steps, a Strapi instance will be setup in 5 minutes.

Quick Start Guide

Detailed Tutorial

The detailed tutorial is dedicated to the users happy to follow a step-by-step guide to understand precisely every stage in their first experience with Strapi.

Detailed tutorial

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixes

As usual, tens of bugs have been fixed and enhancements added, including Bookshelf and SQLite fixes and many others.
Please take a look at the changelog for more information.

Thank to absolux, gilhardl, dev-drprasad, rejifald, henrych4, derrickmehaffy, EpicUsaMan, ZibanPirate, rsinelle, brinley, Jefwillems, ReesesSnickers, fromjonathan, Prat041192, JABedford, HZooly, hashinteractive, abdonrd and many others for your contributions!

Give it a try!

Update your Strapi version through a single command line:

npm i strapi@alpha -g  

Take a look at the new Getting Started guide to jump on board.

Migrating to v3@alpha.25

If you are already building an API using Strapi, we recommend you to to migrate to this version. Don't worry, a fully detailed migration guide is available.

What's next?

Many improvements are coming, especially new video tutorials and new features for Strapi. Stay tuned on Twitter!

Oh, by the way, we are still hiring!