Strapi v3@alpha.5 is released! As announced in our previous article, we are currently working hard on v3.

What's new? 🚀

We just published v3@alpha.5 which includes a lot of updates, explained below.


  • Brand new framework layer: the framework layer has been totally rewritten. Thanks to this new core, Strapi benefits three main advantages:
    • Better performances.
    • Faster startup.
    • Cleaner code.
  • Configuration structure update: the configurations have been drastically improved. That results in a much more understandable file structure.
  • ORM adapters synchronization: the ORM adapters have been harmonized and use, from now, the same API.

Admin panel

  • Layout design update: according to the latest design, the admin panel has been improved and is now looking better than ever.


  • Settings Manager: the first official v3 plugin is up and running. Configuring a Strapi app has never been so easy.

Strapi Settings Manager plugin

Next steps

Upcoming weeks are gonna be busy. Here is what will be released.

New website

A brand new website is coming! The design of this new website is now validated. The development is almost done. We plan to publish it at the beginning of September.

This website will explain much better what is Strapi and how to get started with it.

The entire documentation is going to be rewritten, translated, and versioned in the GitHub repository. GitBook will be used to display it. If you want to contribute by translating in a specific language, feel free to submit a pull request.


We already started working on v3@alpha.6. A lot of new things are coming:

  • Content Manager plugin: auto-generated content interface. Discover, create and edit the data managed by your API.
  • Content Type Builder plugin: define the data structure of your API, create relations and generate code according to your needs.
  • Admin panel based on the strapi-helper-plugin package.
  • Updated dependencies for admin panel and plugins.
  • And more! Read the roadmap to discover other planned features.

Give it a try! 👀

We still recommend not to use v3 for production projects. However, you are more than welcome to try this new version.


To install v3@alpha.5, run $ npm i strapi@alpha -g in your terminal.

You can also install the development version using the following command:
$ git clone && cd strapi && npm run setup.

Plugins creation

Also, we created a draft of the plugins documentation to help you understand how to create your own plugins.


We look forward to hear you feedback! Feel free to post an issue on GitHub if you detect any bug. Also, join us on our public Slack channel strapi-v3 to get the latest news and to submit ideas.

Thanks for reading!

The Strapi team.