Today is a new major step for Strapi: this is the official release of Strapi v3@alpha.6!

What’s new in alpha.6? 🚀

A lot of work has been achieved over the last few weeks.


  • Filters: List of generic operators allowing filtering, sorting and pagination (eg. GET /user?_sort=email&_start=10&_limit=10). These filters are usable from any generated API.

Admin panel

  • Reduce number of steps to be able to contribute: The admin panel development workflow has been drastically simplified in order to make contributions and plugins development easier.
  • Reduce bundle size by sharing commons dependencies: As you may know, the admin panel is a React application that embed plugins as sub-components. Thanks to a Webpack optimisation, the admin panel build is much more lightweight than before.
  • Update strapi-helper-plugin and strapi-admin dependencies: Every admin panel and plugins dependencies have been updated to their latest versions.

The React licence switch (from BSD+Patents to MIT) is a very reassuring news for Strapi.


  • Content Type Builder: The equivalent of the Studio API Builder has been adapted to v3 and completely open-sourced. This is a huge step for the project!

Define the data structure of your API, create relations and generate code according to your needs within a few clicks.

Strapi Content Manager

  • Content Manager: Equivalent of the open-source admin panel in v1.

Auto-generated content interface. Discover, create and edit the data managed by your API.

Strapi Content Manager

Give it a try!

Read the Getting Started guide to install and try it out!

Brand new website

The brand new Strapi website is live:!

The website has been redesigned from scratch. We made our best to explain as well as possible what is Strapi and how to use it. We hope you will like it!

Strapi Website

Feel free to give us your feedback.


The documentation has been totally rewritten and is finally available.

New structure

In order to make your first steps easier, we decided to adopt the following structure:

Strapi documentation


By doing that, we hope to onboard more efficiently the incoming users and describe more precisely advanced usages.


The documentation is hosted on GitHub in the monorepository:

This makes contributions much easier and allows versioning across releases. We have chosen the amazing Gitbook documentation generator to generate HTML files from markdown.

If you want to suggest modifications, or even translate the documentation in another languages, pull requests are welcome.

Migration guide

If you are, or has been, a v1 user, you'll probably want to migrate your project(s) to v3. Transition can be difficult, but the migration guide is available.

Note: v1 documentation and the Studio are still available.

Win a t-shirt!

As you may have seen on Twitter, we received our new t-shirts.

Today you have the opportunity to win one of the three available t-shirts by retweeting our latest tweet.

Strapi T-shirts

Three winners will be drawn among people having retweeted our latest tweet before November 1st 12:00pm Paris time.

What’s next?

We already started working on v3@alpha.7. Give a look at the roadmap to discover what is coming.

Feel free to give a try to this new version. More than ever, we are looking forward to get your feedback. Please let us know what you think about the new version, the website (design, wording, etc.) and the documentation (structure, content, etc.).