Strapi Solutions

The company behind the Strapi open-source project.

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What we do

Strapi Solutions is the author and primary sponsor of the Strapi open-source project.
Together with the community of maintainers and contributors, we insure Strapi project sustainability,
features evolution and bugfix patches / community growth.
  • 40K+ downloads
  • 10K+ users
  • 50 contributors

Our philosophy

We believe in APIs. Sharing data through APIs is the new way to connect services. APIs are everywhere. APIs are the future of the web. APIs creation must be simple. Making API developer’s life easier is our mission.


Behind every project, there is a team.
Pierre Burgy

Coding when not windsurfing

Jim Laurie

☕️ 💻 🍕 🍻 🦄 🧗🏻‍♂️

Aurélien Georget

Minimalist coder

Cyril Lopez

React Front End developer

Alexandre Deve

React developer

Yves Do

Happy marketer

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