Content Types Builder

Model content the way you want

Blog posts, case studies, pages,...

Collection types

Easily create collection types to repeat the same type of content like blog posts, products, users or any list of content you can think of.
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Single types

Create one-off pages that have unique content structure: homepage, menu, SEO settings.


content types builder strapi

Repeatable components

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Dynamic Zones

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More Features

  • 01/04

    Customizable API

    • Create your REST or GraphQL API without coding in a couple of minutes
    • Hop in the code and customize the API however you want

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  • 02/04

    Media Library

    • Upload your images, videos, audio or documents to the media library.
    • Easily find the right asset, edit and reuse it.

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  • 03/04

    Custom Roles & Permissions

    • Manage the reading, editing and publishing rights to your Strapi Admin Interface.
    • Review and publish drafts and share access to the necessary content only.

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  • 04/04


    • Create multilingual websites or apps
    • Localize content by translating the text and adapting the messaging & page structure to each version

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