Content Types Builder

Model content the way you want

Blog posts, case studies, pages,...

Collection types

Easily create collection types to repeat the same type of content like blog posts, products, users or any list of content you can think of.

Single types

Create one-off pages that have unique content structure: homepage, menu, SEO settings.


Writing content consists of filling up fields, which are meant to contain specific content (e.g. text, numbers, media, etc.). Easily configure them through the Content-Types Builder.

Repeatable components

Components are reusable structures you can share between all your content types. Components can be included in any content type either as a single entry or a list of entries for meta information, links, sections list or any repeatable content.

Dynamic Zones

Dynamic Zones is a native feature in Strapi that lets teams build customizable pages on the fly and minimize the time it takes developers to add new content. It lets your developers build web experiences and have a good night's sleep without worrying about all the content being seamlessly added by the content managers.


Link content types together with relations. Taxonomy is crucial for your user experience, SEO, or your content modeling. You can leverage Strapi to create categories, link authors to articles, or even more complex multi-criteria relationships.

More Features

  • 01/05

    Customizable API

    • Create your REST or GraphQL API without coding in a couple of minutes
    • Hop in the code and customize the API however you want

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  • 02/05

    Media Library

    • Upload your images, videos, audio or documents to the media library.
    • Easily find the right asset, edit and reuse it.

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  • 03/05

    Custom Roles & Permissions

    • Manage the reading, editing and publishing rights to your Strapi Admin Interface.
    • Review and publish drafts and share access to the necessary content only.

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  • 04/05


    • Create multilingual websites or apps
    • Localize content by translating the text and adapting the messaging & page structure to each version

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  • 05/05

    Custom fields

    • Create a unique editing experience by customizing the admin panel at ease.
    • Integrate your Strapi app with other tools like Shopify, Youtube, Google Maps, CKEditor and more

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