customizable api

Your API ready in less than an hour

A headless CMS to power your backend

Your backend done in minutes

Automatically build out the schema, models, controllers for your API from the editor.

Easily publish or restrict access

Make your API public in a couple of clicks with the automatic creation of your database schema or connections.

Full control & flexibility

Customize the API and and extend the Models Controllers from the editor or directly from the API folder.
For developers

Flexible API management

Universal API

Use REST, GraphQL, JSON or all of them to grab your data.

Extensive database support

Choose a PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, MySQL or MariaDB database for your project.

100% Javascript

A powerful Node.js backend framework and React.js admin panel.

Best in-class practices

Based on a customizable Model-Service-Controller pattern.

File system approach

Your content-types files are automatically generated once they are created in the editor.

Built-in features

Includes advanced filtering, sorting and pagination, policies for managing authentication.

Get your API ready without coding

Create content types and manage relationships directly from Strapi admin panel and have the schemas, models, controllers and services generated in a blink of an eye. Focus on the frontend and easily deliver your project while Strapi manages the heavy lifting.

Customize and extend APIs however you want

Hop in the code editor and edit the API so that they fit your needs. Strapi generates all the necessary files which you can modify at any time.

Leverage the easiness of GraphQL

Install the GraphQL plugin and automatically generate ready-to-use queries and mutations.

More features

  • 01/05

    Content Types Builder

    • Build an awesome publishing experience for your editor team, by giving them the freedom to build any page on the go.
    • Your front-end developers can autonomously choose any name and reuse them in the front-end code.

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  • 02/05

    Media Library

    • Upload your images, videos, audio or documents to the media library.
    • Easily find the right asset, edit and reuse it.

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  • 03/05

    Custom Roles & Permissions

    • Manage the reading, editing and publishing rights to your Strapi Admin Interface.
    • Review and publish drafts and share access to the necessary content only.

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  • 04/05


    • Create multilingual websites or apps
    • Localize content by translating the text and adapting the messaging & page structure to each version

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  • 05/05

    Custom fields

    • Create a unique editing experience by customizing the admin panel at ease.
    • Integrate your Strapi app with other tools like Shopify, Youtube, Google Maps, CKEditor and more

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