Create multilingual websites or apps

The Internationalization (i18n) Plugin

Clear navigation

Easily switch between locales when browsing the list of contents or editing an entry.

Smooth editing

Copy and paste content from one locale to another in a click. Keep some content the same for all locales.


Adapt the structure of each locale using different components and dynamic zones.

Speak your customer's language

Content localization is not only about translating the text, it’s also about customizing the messages and content you deliver to each target audience taking into account their language and culture.

Smooth collaboration and 100% security

Grant the permissions to create, update, read, delete or publish each locale to all people who manage content using Strapi. Make sure that everybody has the access to the content they work on - no less, no more.

Functional API

Fetch content by locale, create entries from the API and select what locale they belong to, or create new locales from an existing entry.

See internationalization in action

More features

  • 01/05

    Customizable API

    • Create your REST or GraphQL API without coding in a couple of minutes
    • Hop in the code and customize the API however you want

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  • 02/05

    Content Types Builder

    • Build an awesome publishing experience for your editor team, by giving them the freedom to build any page on the go.
    • Your front-end developers can autonomously choose any name and reuse them in the front-end code.

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  • 03/05

    Media Library

    • Upload your images, videos, audio or documents to the media library.
    • Easily find the right asset, edit and reuse it.

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  • 04/05

    Custom Roles & Permissions

    • Manage the reading, editing and publishing rights to your Strapi Admin Interface.
    • Review and publish drafts and share access to the necessary content only.

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  • 05/05

    Custom fields

    • Create a unique editing experience by customizing the admin panel at ease.
    • Integrate your Strapi app with other tools like Shopify, Youtube, Google Maps, CKEditor and more

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