Media Library

All your media assets in one place

The Media Library plugin

Extensive file format support

Upload your images, videos, audio files or documents to the media library.

Find the right asset in a flash

Sort the assets, filter by date, type or size or use the search to find what you need.

Easily preview your files

You have a preview of images and videos to be able to select the right one immediately.
For editors

Advanced File Management

Automatic size optimization

Your files are automatically optimized for lighter weight with no quality loss.

Live Editing

Duplicate and crop your images directly from the Media Library.

Simple Media Replacement

Replace once, and have it updated everywhere instantly.

Responsive formats

Large, medium and small sizes images are automatically generated for each upload.

Upload from computer or URL

Drag & drop any image in the browser or upload it from a URL.

Single or multiple uploads

Upload one single file or multiple assets as you need.

SEO optimization

Edit the name, alternative text and captions of your file to optimize it for SEO directly in the media library. Load your image in the size you need, no more, no less.

Storage service integrations

Connect your Media Library to Amazon S3 or Cloudinary with the official Strapi Providers and to Google Cloud Storage and Azure Storage with the Community Providers.

See the Media Library in action

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  • 05/05

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