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Gatsby ensures apps are fully optimized and so does Strapi.
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Your website is rendered statically. This equals no malicious requests, DDOS attacks, or accidental exposure.

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Developers today often choose between open-source and cloud headless CMSs. Strapi combines the best of both. It's low-cost, customizable, and portable; it also has a great API, is scalable, and easy to set up.

Sam Bhagwat
Sam Bhagwat, Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer at Gatsby
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I had zero Gatsby knowledge - within a day of reading their docs, I seamlessly integrated it with Strapi using the gatsby-source-strapi plugin. After providing my Strapi API URL and registering content-types, I was able to make an awesome personal website within a few days of work.

Michael, Javascript Developer

Get Started with the Gatsby docs

Get Started with the Gatsby Docs

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    Gatsby Blog Starter

    Get started with a simple blog application using Gatsby and Strapi.

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    Gatsby Catalog Starter

    Bootstrap a simple catalog application using Gatsby and Strapi.

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