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With no doubt, it's the most used and loved plugin for your project, it helps you manage your data. Managing my data? With the Content Manager, you can create, edit (even delete) any entry of your database directly from your administration panel. It comes with awesome built-in features like a smart page to customize the default List view which means that you can define the fields you want to display, permit or forbid search, filters options and bulk actions for a specific model.

The creation page also comes with all type of input field: image upload with preview, JSON input (with theming selection) and even Rich Text Editor with full-screen preview mode!


•  Already pack it up for you — Installed by default, you'll love it!

•  Powerful customisation settings — Yes, you can modify the view directly from your administration panel, no coding skills required!

•  Filters & search — Everything has been said, hasn't it?

❤️  Community's first picked plugin, open-source developers really good improvements on ️️it (with our approval) so amazing features can be added regularly !

Here's a preview of the plugin...