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Awesome SEO makes visible in Strapi the result of the SEO analysis of your website. Set up your URL, launch the analysis, see the SEO results directly integrated in Strapi ! Easy.

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This plugin is still a work in progress and stay in a beta mode.
At this time, the plugin algorithm to make link between the front-end and Strapi backend has a good accuracy, but, time to time, it can generate false-positive results.
We are working hard to increase the performance and to refine the accuracy of the plugin.
Stay tuned!


Awesome SEO allows your content manager in one click to get the results of your website SEO analysis directly available in Strapi.
It's easy to use. In Strapi :

  • set-up your website URL
  • launch the analysis of the SEO of your website
  • direcly see for each page of your website the SEO errors linked to your strapi content.

From now, each time your content manager set-up new content, he will be informed of the impact on the SEO notation in real-time and before pushing the content !


  • SEO analysis of your website
  • SEO Errors overview for your whole website sorted by page ranking (most important page for your SEO at the top)
  • Direct access to Strapi content to fix the errors.
  • Errors are highlighted in your content types.
  • Real-time alert when creating new content or updating current content if you modification downgrades the SEO Notation
  • Expert mode which also allows the content manager to see SEO issues created by the website development team Screenshot to add for each feature.


Prerequisites : Chrome must be installed on your server

npm install @exfabrica/strapi-plugin-awesome-seo
yarn add @exfabrica/strapi-plugin-awesome-seo


  1. In the general settings of Awesome SEO, enter your website (1) for which you want to improve the SEO and save your settings (2).


  1. Open the plugin “Awesome SEO” and start by launching a scan of your website (1)

Scan Website

The scan can takes several minutes
⚠️If you have activated the advanced parameters « find hidden links » the scan can be really long (we are currently working on an optimization for next version).

  1. See your results with a global sum-up of SEO errors for your website (1), a sum-up by website page (2), ordered by rank. You can then go deeper in the Strapi content page by clicking on the modification button (3) to solve your errors.

Global results

  1. By clicking the modification button on previous screen you can see directly in your Strapi content type your tags (1) and SEO errors (2) and fix them. Awesome !

Content page

Our awesome tips …

  • tip #1 : in general settings you can activate an expert mode. You’ll get a different result overview with detailed information and 2 classifications of errors : fixable by the content manager, fixable by your website development team.
  • tip #2 : we invite you not to activate the “find hidden link” option in advanced settings. Even if it works, the algorithm is not yet optimized and your analyze can take … real long time. Don’t worry, our awesome team is working on it for next version.
  • tip #3 : if you’re fed up with viewing errors directly in content type, you can deactivate it in general settings.
  • tip #4 : when you’ll create new content in already analyzed collection types, you’ll get some advices for optimizing your SEO during your content creation. Awesome !
  • tip #5 : when all errors are fixed, you need to relaunch scanning to see errors disappear from your results overview. Relax ! We are working on a next version to update instantly the results page.
  • tip #6 : a page without errors doesn’t appear in results. We are working on a next version to allow user to see it.


Our plugin is currently checking the following SEO rules (to be improved in coming versions) : Implemented SEO rules.


Next step for the plugin :

  • Asynchronous and optimization of analysis duration
  • Improve SEO Analysis : new rules analyzed
  • Real time relaunch of analysis after fixing element

Install now

npm install @exfabrica/strapi-plugin-awesome-seo


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