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PPT Custom fields

Includes two custom fields. Multiboolean a list of booleans whit labels, it's saved as an array of labels. Duration, let's you save a duration in minuts but enter it in hh:mm

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Strapi plugin ppt-customfields

Strapi Plugin to encapsulate custom fields created by Ping Pong Technologies.

Company: Ping Pong Technologies S.L.

Version: 1.0.17

Last Modified: March 2023

Author: Sergi Penya Tapia


The characteristics are detailed below for each custom field individually. You can configure them from the field options. The configuration parameters are shown below.

Multiboolean (v1)

It allows to create a list of boolean flags, that is saved together in one Json field You can define the on and off text for the toggleButtons (true-false, Yes-No), and the list of items you want to evaluate. The Api returns you an array of the ON items.


propertytype (default)description
on_textstring (null)Text for the off-state
off_textstring (null)Text for the off-state
listarray ({})Array of strings textarea-enum, with every boolean name we want to check

Duration (v1)

It allows to create a field for duration in hh:mm or hh:mm:ss. Data is saved in seconds, and the seconds field is optional, can be shown or hidden as you want from the advanced options.


propertytype (default)description
withSecondsboolean (false)If you want it as hh:mm or hh:mm:ss


To install this plugin, you need to add an NPM dependency to your Strapi application.

# Using Yarn
yarn add strapi-plugin-ppt-customfields

# Or using NPM
npm install strapi-plugin-ppt-customfields

Install now

npm install strapi-plugin-ppt-customfields


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479 days ago

Strapi Version

4.5.6 and above


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Sergi Penya Tapia - Ping Pong Technologies

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