A fully managed, composable, and collaborative platform to boost your team velocity





For small projects



Everything in Community, plus...

10 seats

100,000 CMS Entries

Built-in Email provider

Global CDN

Real-time logs

Email / In App Notifications




For larger projects and teams



Everything in Pro, plus…

20 seats included

1,000,000 CMS Entries

Higher storage & bandwidth limits

Audit logs (7 days)

Review workflows (Coming soon)


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Strapi project prerequisites to run on Strapi Cloud at the moment?

Before you can deploy your Strapi application on Strapi Cloud, you need to have the following prerequisites: Strapi version 4.7.x or higher and your project source code available on GitHub. Please refer to the developer documentation for more information.

Will I be able to migrate from CE or EE to Cloud easily?

Public SA Link:

Any self-hosted Strapi project can be hosted on Strapi Cloud. The migration process from self-hosted to Cloud will heavily depend on your Strapi version, database and asset storage setup. Once you receive the beta invite, what you’ll need to do is create an account and link your GitHub repository with a new Strapi Cloud project. Support for GitLab / Bitbucket repositories will come in Q2 or Q3 2023.

A dedicated call with your Account Executive / Manager will be required as there are significant differences in terms of pricing and support coverage. In short, Strapi Cloud pricing is usage-based as opposed to our Self-Hosted Enterprise Edition which is user-based.

Do you only host Strapi instance or can we still connect to say AWS for our S3 Object Storage?

Strapi Cloud is custom-made to host Strapi CMS and provides a CDN and database out of the box. That being said, you will be able to connect 3rd party services such as object storage providers via integrations.

Where are Strapi Cloud servers located? Do we have short-term plans to open up other regions soon?

All the apps (dashboard, data assets) are currently located in NYC. We do plan to make the region choice an option for GA (April 30th)

Do you use a Cloud provider under the hood?

Yes, we are working in collaboration with DigitalOcean. That said, we have developed a lot of the infrastructure optimizations ourselves and include a lot more value than just hosting as part of our Strapi Cloud offering such as advanced developer / content editing experiences, security & compliance features, support and services.

Do you plan to have a free tier?

Yes it is very likely that we will have a free tier that will be introduced in the 2nd half of 2023.