Blazing fast combination

Thanks to virtual DOM, websites using React are really fast despite the huge amount of dynamic contents.

Strapi is powered by a modern technology stack using Node.js – it's fast. Really fast. Plus, it can deliver your content with GraphQL.

GraphQL and React

Fetch data faster and more efficiently whilst improving the overall performance of your React application.

Both created to solve the problems of managing structured content in an easy and understandable way. They both respond to what Strapi wants to achieve.

Performance has an impact on the whole project, from user engagement or content editor comfort to Google ranking.

Component-based philosophy and Headless CMS

Components are the building blocks of any React application, this is why you'll find many of these in them.

The benefit to this approach is that you end up doing less duplicate work by managing the components rather than managing duplicate content across different pages. This concept has become a real success.

How can we benefit from this approach on the content management level?

Soupette, lead front-end developer at Strapi

React is amazing not only because it's blazing fast but also most importantly for its component-based architecture.

When using a CMS, React unleashes all its power mainly because of this architecture since the developer will design and develop really reusable components.

Growing and maintaining the codebase is, therefore, easier since no content is hard-coded.

This is how we built Foodadvisor, our official demo website, feel free to give it a try!


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